Throughout the development of a project, independent contractors may install certain components at various phases, frequently operated by unrelated and seemingly conflicting systems. We specialise in bringing together various control languages and technologies into a straightforward, consistent and customisable user interface, without the loss of functionality or performance.

At Architainment we recognise the individuality of each and every project, in relation to technologies, fixtures and adopted infrastructure, we, therefore, work to deliver the very best solutions to harmonise your present structure. Architainment can provide technical support or project management in the following areas:

  • Initial specification
  • Custom technical drawings
  • Wiring schematics
  • Systems integration
  • Commissioning systems
  • Comprehensive lighting solution training
  • Operation manuals
  • Contractor support


Our service begins with understanding the initial specification of the lighting system from a technical angle. Detailed assessments allow us to understand the client’s requirements in terms of control, functionality and integration with other systems and any limitations in terms of space or location.


Technical drawing is a communication skill and is vital for the inception and development of plans to commercial, industrial and civil construction. Here at Architainment, we recognise this and in response our technical team produce in-house, detailed, technical drawings dealing with the preparation of plans for the installation and location of the lighting equipment, relative space required, cable routes and suspension methods.


In addition to the custom technical drawings, Architainment can further produce wiring schematics that simplify conventional pictorial representation of an electrical circuit. The drawings demonstrate the components of the circuit as simplified shapes, and the power and signal connections between devices.


The compatibility of our solutions with existing systems is imperative to us. One of our specialities, as a Systems Integrator, is to ensure that all the installed systems ‘communicate with each other’ by consolidating various technologies and control protocols into a customisable, simplified user interface whilst maintaining full system functionality. Our engineers are experts in numerous control protocols and have a broad portfolio of control products and accessories available to them to ensure that all the various systems properly communicate with each other.


In the simplest terms, commissioning is the process of addressing, testing and programming to provide a facility that operates as a fully functional system. This incorporates a rigorous assessment of the system’s functionality and compatibility with fixtures and fittings; assuring the scheme meets both the initial specification, and client’s approval. Architainment can accommodate specific project requirements including touch panel, button station, astronomical or real time triggers and complete light shows through the addressing and programming elements. Our technical services team are equipped to manage applications as diverse as simple accent lighting, dynamic effect stage lighting, and stunning direct view displays controlling thousands of individual points of light.


At Architainment, we believe in training our customers to ensure the on going programming of the LED lighting systems. We offer a number of solutions tailor made to suit your requirements ranging from basic over the phone training in panel interface guidance, to a two day in house study programme to learn in detail the reprogramming of software. The keyword here is bespoke; Architainment creates its training programmes to suit the technical understanding of the end user, so whatever your requirements, Architainment can provide the correct level of support.


We can supply product data sheets and copies of relevant software for all lighting products and control solutions provided. Bespoke operation manuals can also be generated if required.


Architainment provides comprehensive customer support, from specification through to configuration and operation. Because installations and testing happen at all hours of the day and night, Architainment employees are available around the clock for technical integration and support. Our team of experienced application engineers can help with mock-ups, testing and light show programming over the phone and on site. The appointment of Architainment’s technical services team offers another key element to the project process and that is to bridge the gap between the various professionals on site. It can sometimes be confusing translating technical language between professions, Architainment can therefore, act as intermediary, offering additional on site training and support to ensure the smooth running of a project.