LEDs are up to four times more efficient than incandescent and halogen sources today and are rapidly gaining ground on fluorescent sources. Fortunately, due to their long source life and high reliability, LED-based lighting systems require less frequent recycling than traditional light sources – still, a growing number of our products can be disassembled for recycling purposes. In addition to design for manufacturing processes during development, the systems we sell are designed for easy disassembly. For example, in newer products screws or gasket are utilised vs. adhesives for simpler disassembly. Recyclable materials include polymer and aluminium housings, fasteners, glass lenses and the electronic circuit boards inside the fixtures. Unlike fluorescent sources, LEDs contain no hazardous mercury which makes recycling difficult.

Architainment Lighting has a strong and solid commitment to sustainability and the environment. Our office, our products and our people show this commitment every day and the use of our products by our customers is the most sustainable action of all.