Product Description

24 V, flexible opal encapsulated IP67 protected LED light lines with a cross section of 10 x 20.5 mm (W x H) and horizontal bending direction (Side View). 3M self adhesive tape included.
Homogeneous and dot free illumination in very low installation depths. Can be delivered in lengths of multiples of 62.5 mm to a maximum length of up to 5 m. 110 mm IP67 plug in connectors on both ends.
At maximum length only one side with IP67 plug in connector male, no female connector. Lifetime of > 60,000 h (L80/B10).

Easy installation and a rugged design for harsh environments (e. g. resistant to saltwater, UV, chlorine and solvents).

Made in Germany.

Available color temperatures:
  • 2200 K
  • 2500 K
  • 2700 K
  • 3100 K
  • 3500 K
  • 3900 K
  • 4800 K
  • 6800 K