Product Description

24 V, interior surface mounted flexible LED strip with reflecting white surface and 3M self adhesive tape on rear side.
Side View LED. 60° beam angle. 9.6 W/m with 841 lm/m @W850. CRI 80. Binning of +/- 150 K. L80 of 50,000 h. Double layer FPC with extra copper layer for advanced thermal management (LED Linear Tj Away® Technology).
Constant current source on the circuit board for even lumen output over full length and extended life expectancy. Protected against electrostatic discharge +/- 2 kV.
This product is delivered on a reel in maximum length.

Made in Germany.

Available color temperatures:
  • 2.700 K
  • 3.000 K
  • 4.000 K
  • 5.000 K