Product Description

24 V, Water and UV resistant flexible linear LED luminaire in up to 7,5m length in polyurethane encapsulation with white casing and with 200 mm IP67 mini connectors on both ends.
Japanese LEDs of the highest quality. 120° beam angle. Very good color reproduction up to CRI 95. “One Bin Only
” within 3 MacAdam guarantees constant color temperature and high light quality at a lifetime of 60,000 h (L80/B10).
Flexible circuit board material (FPCB) with LED Linear™ Tj Away®
Technology for optimal heat management.
Constant light output and extended lifetime thanks to an integrated constant current source on the circuit board. Protected
against electrostatic discharge +/– 2,000 V.
Made in Germany.
Available color temperatures:
2500 K

2900 K

3300 K

3600 K

4300 K

4900 K

6600 K

9600 K