Product Description

Low Profile Exterior Cove Luminaire Ideal For Lighting Outdoor Coves And Accenting Architectural Details In Exterior Applications This Weatherproof Luminaire Features A Gore Vent That Protects The Internal System From Moisture Buildup Prolonging The Lifetime Of The Fixture This Luminaire Features The Exclusive Flip To Flat Hinge Design Allowing Vertical Aiming From 0180 Degrees And A Compact Profile Measuring In At Only 349mm 138 High Ul Lipatented Flickerfree Dimming Down To 0li Liwattage And Lumen Package Options Ul Li2w 92lmlfli Li4w 300lmlfli Li6w 500lmlfli Li8w 682lmlfli Li10w 830lmlfli Ul Li Liefficacy Up To 83lmwli Licct 2200k 2700k 3000k 3500k And 4000kli Lihigh Cri 90 Available In 2700k 3000k 3500k And 4000k Onlyli Limono Colors Available In Red Green Blue And Amberli Limultivolt 120v277v Input Voltageli Liaiming Adjustment 0º To 180º With Flip To Flat Designli Liexterior Ip66 Utilizing Gore Vent Technologyli Ul