Product Description

  • Realtime control of playback selection and lighting levels – gracefully transition between scenes, sequences, effects and pixel-mapped media
  • Customizable touch screen user interface – create multiple pages of controls and configure their appearance and visual feedback
  • Triggering and show control via touch screen, learning IR sensor, temperature sensor, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, Ethernet, realtime and astronomical clocks
  • Extend the TPC’s hardware interfaces with the Pharos EXT, which includes a DMX output and a mains power supply
  • Conveniently and intuitively programmed and simulated in Designer on a PC or Mac. Graphical user interface created in Interface Editor and all uploaded over Ethernet
  • One universe of eDMX output directly to KiNet, sACN, ArtNet and Pathport fixtures. Optional remote devices for DMX, DALI, linear timecode, audio, MIDI, serial ports, digital/analog inputs and relay outputs
  • Remote management and control via built-in web server. Monitor, trigger and reprogram units remotely and securely over the Internet using a web browser or Pharos Installation Manager
  • LPCs & TPCs seamlessly network together for synchronized control on larger systems with multiple controllers
  • Elegant wall mounting, solid state, instant-on, lighting control solution
  • Available with a black gloss overlay on a bright nickel bezel. Can also be ordered in white overlay on nickel bezel, black overlay & bezel, white overlay & bezel or cream overlay & bezel

5 year warranty

the environment

  • Low power (4W)
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant
  • Realtime & astronomical clock
  • Environmental sensors, including ambient light for daylight harvesting