Product Description

Multi-Protocol Converter is a compact device that performs a range of lighting protocol conversions, including KiNET, the Ethernet lighting protocol from Philips Color Kinetics, to DMX512, DMX512 to KiNET, and RS232 to KiNET. KiNET to DMX512 conversion lets you use DMX-based power / data supplies with any KiNET-based device, including ColorDial Pro, while RS232 to KiNET conversion lets you trigger KiNET-based devices such as Light System Manager with third-party controllers.

Works with the PoE-compliant switch or PoE injector offered by Philips Color Kinetics, or with any PoE-compliant switch or injector

Uses standard RJ45 connectors to connect to both DMX-based power / data supplies from Philips Color Kinetics and PoE-compliant switches

Weighs just .34 lbs (.15 kg) and has a compact form factor of 1.25 x 4.5 x 3.5 in (32 x 114 x 89 mm)
Compatible with other PoE-compliant devices from Philips Color Kinetics, such as ColorDial Pro and Ethernet Controller Keypad