Project Description

Wellcome Building

When creating a unique lighting installation for charitable foundation, the Wellcome Trust, Jonathan Coles Lighting Design Ltd approached Architainment Lighting Ltd to supply a custom solution for the cafe and foyer area of the organisation’s London site.

Architainment Lighting supplied over 200 units of the iColor MR g2 (now Gen3), an intelligent, colour-changing lamp from Philips Color Kinetics. The fixtures were hung low from the building’s high ceiling in glass lamps of different shapes and sizes and all frosted at the bottom to create the illusion that they are filled with liquid. To control the two hundred-strong cluster of lamps, Architainment Lighting provided a Lighting Playback Controller and designer software from Pharos controls. Otherwise known as the LPC2, the system offers realtime control of playback selection and lighting levels, ensuring a smooth transition between scenes and effects. The controller was specified to Jonathan Coles due to its incredible flexibility, and ability to monitor, trigger and reprogram units remotely and securely over the internet, using a web browser or Pharos Installation Manager. For instance, the user can select scenes to display using the browser on an iphone.

The Wellcome Trust collaborated with Jonathan Coles and Architainment to create some incredibly rich and vibrant programs that would be used throughout the course of a day. These scenes were all programmed to show a similar ripple, water-like effect, however using different colours and intensities for various times of the day. During day time hours the installation displays either all white light which will show a shadowed, darker light moving across the lamps from the centre outwards.  At other points of the day, the feature will do this but using red and white light, with the red light becoming subtler with each new ripple. As the evening draws in and gets darker, the scene will convert to a colour on colour mode, ranging from a variety of vibrant hues.

Further to the feature in the reception lobby, Architainment Lighting supplied LuxSpace Compact LED Downlight and SpotLED from Philips Lighting, and Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst for the staging and cove areas of the Wellcome Trust building.


COMPLETION DATE > October 2010

CLIENT > Wellcome Trust

LIGHTING DESIGNER > Jonathan Coles Lighting Design Ltd.

PHOTOGRAPHY > Jonathan Coles