Project Description

Science Museum

The Science Museum is one of three major museums located on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London.  Founded in 1857 it is today one of the city’s major tourist attractions – attracting millions of visitors every year.  With this in mind, it comes as no surprise the desire to showcase this impressive building in all its glory, cementing its position on Exhibition Road.

The frontage of the building has endured a complete renovation as a part of the Science Museum’s vision “Museum of the Future”, including but not limited to a full restoration of Richard Allison’s original stonework façade.  DHA Design were responsible for designing a new exterior lighting to convey the drama to the museums already impressive façade which has been achieved through two layers of LED sources; manufactured by EcoSense.

Architainment Lighting Ltd was called upon to supply EcoSense Linear HP EXT Wall Wash, 4ft, 3000K which are fixed on the edge of the first floor sill, positioned end to end amid each of the stone columns.  The accurate 10 x 60 degree wash of light effortlessly extents to the full height of the columns whilst gently brushing the ornate ironwork of the window surrounds and continuing to evenly up light the decorative cornice along the roof line.  At the lower level, EcoSense Floodlight Wash, 3000K lightly graze the stone facade from behind the ground floor balustrade thus achieving the powerful appearance as displayed in the above imagery.



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