Project Description

Sailmakers Shopping Centre

After a £4million refurbishment, the old Tower Ramparts Shopping Centre in Ipswich has been rebranded to Sailmakers, and is now a smart new shopping hub that features retailers such as Pandora, Blue Inc, River Island and Top Shop.

Lighting designers Nulty+ were commissioned to create a lighting scheme that would use light to create a bright, welcoming environment that would also be energy efficient. Working with the project architects they kept the main lighting clean and simple to complement the sleek, streamlined interior architecture.

Since Ipswich has a long history associated with maritime activities, Nulty+ wanted to pick up on this theme and add some lighting drama for shoppers.

Using the Philips Color Kinetics iColorFlex LMX gen2 solution supplied by Architainment, a dynamic feature wall has been created next to the main escalator. This runs a variety of effects including a wave like ripple, and highlights the link to the areas nautical heritage.icolorflex_lmx_gen2_clearflat_black-1

A Pharos Touch Panel Controller (TPC) supplied and commissioned by Architainment means that the speed, colour and effect can easily changed according to the atmosphere and mood required.

iColor Flex LMX gen2 features dynamic integration of power and communication, and is IP66 rated for outdoor applications. It produces full colour, daylight visible light output of up to 11 candelas, and its flexible form factor makes it an ideal choice for two or three-dimensional configurations. It is also highly suitable for creating large-scale video displays and signage.

The Pharos (TPC) is an award-winning controller with a customisable 4.3” screen, and is available in a range of different coloured bezels and overlays.

In addition to the commissioning services provided for this project, Architainment Technical Services are able to provide a range of post sales
services to customers, including re programming and maintenance solutions.



Client: Sailmakers Shopping Centre

Lighting Design: Nulty+

Photography: James French