Project Description

Paediatric Ward, Salisbury Hospital

Architainment Lighting supplied the LED technology for a brand new paediatric ward completed by the NHS Trust for Salisbury hospital, Wiltshire.

Architainment Lighting Ltd supplied, commissioned and programmed a selection of Philips Color Kinetics fixtures, including the iColor Tile FX (now iColor Tile MX), iColor Accent Powercore (now iColor Accent MX Powercore), and iColor MR g2 (now iColor MR Gen3). Three iColor Tile FX fixtures were fitted to the ceilings in three of the ward’s consultation rooms. Powered by Chromasic technology, the tile is a 2ft x 2ft (61cm x 61cm) panel made up of 144 individually addressable, tri-colour LED nodes that can be programmed to display creative lighting, animation and medium-resolution video. Purposefully selected for the quiet consultation rooms, the tiles are situated directly above the patient bed, aiming to calm and engage the children during what may be a distressing time for them. The tile is programmed to either display either static RGB light, saturating the room in an assortment of colours, or fade through a series of multicoloured effects that make the eye dance.

In addition to lighting the consultation rooms, four 8ft (2.4m) fittings of iColor Accent Powercore were installed end to end in order to make a 32ft long LED strip installed along the corridor ceiling of the ward’s reception area. Architainment Lighting’s Technical Services Engineer, Phil Grice, programmed eight different effects, all of which have been designed to ensure the feature is a focal point in this communal area of the ward. Selected by pressing one simple button on a master switch, the effects include flickering spots, rainbow stripes and fast moving light running from one end to the other.

Architainment Lighting also supplied 92 fixtures of Philips Color Kinetics iColor MR g2s, which were were installed throughout the ward soaking communal areas in a variety of colours, and all easily activated by sensors.

Installation was carried out by Wessex Building Services.




LIGHTING DESIGNER > Julian Davies of Devereux Architects

PHOTOGRAPHY > Architainment Lighting Ltd.