Project Description

Media City UK

When creative hub, Media City UK, was looking to improve the lighting for several sections of the Manchester site, Architainment Lighting was asked by a selection of companies involved to supply the LED lighting. The 200-acre mixed-property site is home to media organisations such as ITV and BBC and Architainment Lighting was involved in illuminating the footbridge, outdoor public realm, residential areas, studio block, iconic columns and three BBC buildings.

Architainment Lighting supplied 54 four-foot and six two-foot fixtures of iColorGraze Powercore to Studio Tech to illuminate the footbridge from underneath with dynamic colour-changing light. For the Public Realm outside communal area, Architainment provided W F Electrical with 40 strings of Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex SL (now iColor Flex LMX). 43 strings of iColor Flex was supplied to W F Electrical illuminate the façade of the residential building and 56 strings of iColor Flex SLX (now iColor Flex LMX) supplied to Rotary North West Ltd.

Architainment Lighting also supplied Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex SLX (now iColor Flex LMX) to Piggott and Whitfield and finally, the three BBC buildings were illuminated with 224 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore 12 fittings, some of which used City Theatrical accessories such as the ColorBlast Powercore 12 accessory holder and the ColorBlast 12 horizontal spread lens. The equipment was supplied to N.G.Bailey.




OTHER COMPANIES INVOLVED > Studio Tech / WF Electrical / Piggott and Whitfield / N.G Bailey / Rotary North West Ltd.