Project Description

Compton Courtyard

Tucked away in Clerkenwell, London lies Compton Courtyard, a small family of offices occupied by some of the capitals most innovative and creative design businesses.

Looking to improve the atmosphere and mood of the communal courtyard area, Compton Courtyard owners, Clerkenwell Property Management, approached Architainment Lighting to supply, program and commission a lighting feature.

As tenants of the ground floor office overlooking the courtyard it seemed only fitting that Architecture and Urban Design firm, Studio Egret West (SEW), designed and procured the courtyard proposals. Part of the courtyard scheme, comprises five panelised, mirror polished steel discs mounted to the courtyard’s longest wall, Architainment Lighting supplied Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex SLX (current equivalent iColor Flex LMX) which were then fitted to the back of the discs allowing dynamic colour-changing light to seep out from behind the discs and illuminate the white wall backdrop.

Using a Philips iPlayer control system, Architainment Lighting Technical Sales Engineer, Ian Davies, worked closely with SEW and Clerkenwell Property Management to program a collection of scenes for the lighting feature. Favouring a subtle and fresh colour palette over bold primary colours, Architainment programmed a series of moods to reflect SEW’s taste.

As the surrounding offices look out onto the courtyard through glass facades, the lighting has been fundamental in improving the environment for both the day-to-day workers at Compton Courtyard and visitors to the site.


COMPLETION DATE > December 2011

CLIENT > Clerkenwell Property Management


PHOTOGRAPHY > Architainment Lighting Ltd.