Project Description

Channel 5 News Room

When news and content provider, ITN, won the Channel 5 News contract back from Sky, it decided to refurbish its newsrooms and so approached Architainment Lighting to install Philips Selecon and Philips Color Kinetics fittings at its London Bridge site.

ITN was particularly  keen to improve the Presenter Lighting at the studio, so Architainment Lighting supplied Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX, iW Blast and Philips Selecon PL1s fittings for Channel 5’s new home.

But the project was not without its challenges. The news room has very low ceilings, leaving little space for dimmers, so Architainment Lighting specified distributive eS21 bars into the trussing system with built in Relays, Blast Power Supplies and a touch screen controller. Not only do the eS21 bars deliver all the necessary power required by the Blast and PL1 luminaires, they also distribute DMX.

The LED solution has given the Channel 5 lighting team more creative options including the ability to ‘paint’ the background in the Channel 5 corporate colours. The PL1′s ability to flood wide without compromising output also meant that the low ceiling was not such a problem.

Although the news room is located near London Bridge, it’s actually controlled from the main ITN building in Grays Inn Road via Strand Lighting over an EtherNet link. As well as controlling the lighting, enables engineers to switch some signal devices over the same link, something normally carried out over the broadcast system. The system can use a remote control to move the camera pedestal, switch the Microphone “take level” and also control the On Air lights system at the news room.




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