Specialist lighting solutions provider, Architainment Lighting Ltd, will be exhibiting its eclectic portfolio of high quality LED lighting and controls at London’s Arc Show this May. The range of technology on display at the supplier’s stand (R70) will include an interactive multi-touch RGB lighting system from Sensacell, the new iColor MR gen3 intelligent colour-changing lamp from Philips Color Kinetics and Vivid, a full spectrum GaN on GaN LED MR16 lamp from Soraa.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8V7GaF5jwc Sensacell’s M3016 interactive multi-touch lighting system will undoubtedly draw visitors in as it responds to touch by changing colour, brightness and pattern. The capacitive sensor system can detect people or objects at a distance, through any non-conductive surface material. Perfectly suited to large scale installations that do not require content driven interaction, the M3016 can be used singly or in arrays to create fully addressable proximity sensitive surfaces that can display full-colour graphics, still images or video.

Architainment will also present a diverse selection of Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures at the show, including the new iColor MR gen3, an intelligent colour-changing lamp that delivers intense, saturated bursts of colour and colour-changing effects. Easily fitted into most standard MR16 fixtures the iColor MR gen3 is a high-intensity LED light source with three beam angles suitable for a multitude of interior environments. Other Philips Color Kinetics products set to be on display include ArchiPoint iColor Powercore, iColor Accent, iColor Flex, ColorBlast 12, and the new compact version of the popular ColorReach Powercore luminaire.

The specialist lighting supplier will also use the exhibition as an opportunity to show off the unique colour rendering ability of the Vivid full spectrum LED MR16 lamp from Soraa. New to the UK market and founded by inventor of the blue LED, Shuji Nakamura, Vivid utilises Gallium Nitride (GaN) epitaxial layers on a native GaN substrate, rather than GaN on sapphire or silicon carbide substrates, which is how most commercially available LEDs are made today. It offers full spectrum, high colour rendering light with a CRI of 95/R9 of 95, lifting colours in fabrics, foods and interiors thus making it ideal for sectors including hospitality, retails, museums and galleries. In addition to its range of LED lighting, Architainment will demonstrate a selection of controls solutions including user interfaces, touch screens, smart phone apps and the new Antumbra Panel from Philips Dynalite. Commenting on the upcoming show, Architainment Lighting Managing Director, Nic Tolkien, said:

“This year marks a special milestone for Architainment as we celebrate a decade of lighting some of the UK’s most iconic structures and spaces. The Arc Show is the perfect opportunity for Architainment to celebrate this achievement and showcase our superior quality and incredibly varied range of LED lighting and controls. It also provides an opportunity to meet up with longstanding industry friends and form new relationships.”