Lighting systems, however complex, require regular service and maintenance to ensure optimum performance and here at Architainment we recognise the investment our clients make in installing technical equipment. To protect this investment, you want to get the very best from your system for as long as possible. Architainment offer customer’s service level agreements that do exactly that; all administered by our own manufacturer-trained engineers. We are well aware of the unique demands of your lighting system and can not only quickly resolve maintenance problems, but often also keep them from happening in the first place. We can ensure that your system maintains the level of performance that you need for an extended period of time and so push the systems lifecycle to its maximum.


Maintenance contracts or service agreements in the lighting industry are not new, but they tend to be restrictive and rarely cover all the aspects necessary to guarantee long lasting, hassle- free, cost-effective performance. That’s exactly what Architainment’s custom-configured maintenance package offers. Whether the system is indoor or outdoor – lighting up streets, buildings or arenas – we can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective package that is perfectly configured to your lighting system and business needs. When you work with Architainment Lighting, you’re assured of:

  • A reliable, industry-leading partner with the highest standards of service and quality management.
  • A forward-thinking approach to resolving maintenance issues, thanks to outstanding technical expertise and roadmap insight into our products.
  • The best most knowledgeable people to safeguard and guarantee the performance of the system – from the company that supplied and commissioned it.


We design our service packages bespoke to each and every project so that you can have the freedom to choose the level of service that best suits your needs. Whether your focus is on operational excellence, lighting quality, energy reduction, long-term maintenance or a one off request, we have the right solution for you. Example features include:

  • Cost-effective maintenance.
  • Help desk and technical diagnostic support; answers and advice whenever needed.
  • Pro-active, preventive maintenance, ongoing system monitoring.
  • Latest technology and system software upgrades.
  • Remote support on networked controls.

Our services packages can further be tailored to seamlessly integrate with the intelligent solution that best suits your needs. In this way we can guarantee you will enjoy the most advanced lighting solutions for a long time to come.

  • Adjustment of lighting to new layout or ambience requirements.
  • Broadcasting compliance, event support and screen calibration.
  • Connectivity and hosting support.