Architainment are a market leader in the field of architectural and commercial lighting solutions. We partner with lighting designers, electrical contractors, architects, urban planners and property managers to transform structures and environments by innovative use of LED lighting solutions.

Founded in 2003 by Managing Director Nic Tolkien, Architainment were appointed as the UK’s exclusive distributor for Color Kinetics – the global leader in LED solutions for the architectural lighting sector.

In 2014, after demonstrating our expertise on a range of diverse and complex projects, Architainment were appointed a Certified Value Added Partner (CVAP) by Philips Lighting for their Lighting and Controls Solution.

We’re the first UK company to be awarded CVAP status, and the appointment is testament to our capability to manage and deliver lighting projects from concept to completion.

Product Portfolio

From the outset, Architainment have chosen to represent and work with manufacturers that share our own high standards. Our product portfolio includes solutions from Color Kinetics, Philips, LED Linear, Philips Dynalite, EcoSense, Pharos, Lumascape and Alto, and enable us to deliver internal and external lighting solutions in white or RGB lighting.

Our extensive range includes products for applications such as:

  • Washing and Grazing
  • Cove lighting
  • Spot lighting and Flood lighting
  • Down lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Underwater lighting
  • Large scale direct view displays
  • Light art
  • Commercial lighting
  • Office & Industrial lighting
  • Car Park Lighting
  • Gallery & Museum lighting
  • Heritage building lighting
  • Theatrical Lighting

Since the majority of our luminaires use LED technology, our customers benefit from reliable, energy efficient solutions and a five year product warranty. 

Project Portfolio

Architainment have worked on a variety of landmark and award winning projects including The London Eye, Heathrow Terminal 2, Debenhams, The Barclaycard Arena, The Science Museum and many more.

Our solutions can be seen on bridges, monuments, religious buildings, museums, theatres, railway stations, hotels, shopping centres, airport terminals, corporate offices and urban environments.

The boundaries of what can be achieved are only limited to the imagination of our clients, and we use our extensive expertise to realise their creative visions.

The Complete Solution

Architainment’s quality LED lighting products are supported by our team of dedicated, in-house, factory trained technicians, collectively bringing a strong skill-set to maintain the companies pioneering edge. Our technical knowledge, extensive application experience and attention to detail, ensure systems are specified correctly and provide the desired project outcome.

The phrase “complete solution” encompasses more than just a lighting product and control option; the “complete solution” from Architainment begins with understanding the requirements from a technical level as well as an aesthetic level; its journey progresses through project management, programming, commissioning and can continue to post-installation support and service contracts if required.

Our Commitment To You

Hundreds of successful projects and a partnership with leading suppliers means that Architainment have earned the trust of professionals across the industry spectrum, and are identified through an unparalleled service representing fixtures, controls and technical services.

We provide a carefully selected portfolio of cutting-edge lighting and control products from global manufacturers, supported by dedicated technicians and industry experts to ensure each and every project is supported and project-managed through the process resulting in a delivered solution to surpass expectations.

From the very first project we have exercised our understanding of the industry to reposition the goalposts to accomplish more. We apply the same intensity of knowledge and expertise to each project we work on, providing a familiar, friendly service and superb support system; it is this commitment to the business that drives Architainment’s industry leading status.

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