In the final part of the series, we look at a unique interactive lighting installation commissioned by an award winning artist, and a large LED display at a sporting and entertainment venue. We also look at ActiveSite – a major innovation in the management of Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting installations.

Arboreal Lightning (2014)
Arboreal Lightning is a large scale, interactive lighting installation that transforms sound and movement into an immersive, fluctuating luminous environment.

It was commissioned by Grammy award-winning artist Imogen Heap and the Camden Roundhouse, to be the centrepiece of the Reverb 2014 festival of Contemporary Classical Music.

The project mirrors the Roundhouse’s clock like plan of 24 columns by bundling 24 strands of LED light into a giant trunk that grows from the stage. The strands soar upwards and weave through the columns and rafters to follow the building’s unique structure. Some branches go upwards, and a few bow down to reach and mingle with the audience, enabling lighting effects to be generated by both performers and the audience.

Project designers Atmos Studios were responsible for translating the idea into an actual installation, and contacted Architainment Lighting to provide a suitable, lightweight LED solution. iColor Flex MX gen2 from Philips Color Kinetics was specified because of its flexible strands of high intensity, full colour LED nodes. Each iColor Flex MX gen2 strand consists of 50 individually addressable LED nodes, and features dynamic integration of power, communication and control.

96 strands, equating to 4,800 individual LED nodes and totalling 1500 metres in length was supplied by Architainment to create the massive, dynamic structure.

Alex Haw, Atmos Studio Director comments “Arboreal Lightning is about connecting people to music; about sensually transforming our environmental surroundings into a visual representation of the music that fills our ears, and courses through our veins. It was a true pleasure working with a team as knowledgeable and professional as Architainment. They worked really hard on our behalf and were crucial to making the whole project happen; I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Barclaycard Arena (2014)
The Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham – previously known as the National Indoor Arena, has undergone a £26 million re development that provides increased capacity and new retail facilities.

The re vitalised venue now features a new glass façade with copper fins that overlooks the Brindleyplace canal side area, and a large LED display known as the Wonder Wall.

The Wonder Wall is able to display text and low-resolution video, and is used to display messages to visitors of the Arena.

Made up of 960 nodes of Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 supplied by Architainment, the Wonder Wall spans 51.5m and is 10m high.

iColor Flex LMX gen2 was chosen since the LED nodes produce full colour, daylight visible light output of up to 28.7 candela, making it ideal for large scale signage and video displays.

In addition to supplying 32 custom lengths of iColorFlex LMX gen2 with 30 nodes for the project, Architainment supplied two Pharos LPC controllers and commissioned the display into operation.

“The Wonder Wall really adds to the sense of arrival for customers visiting the Barclaycard Arena. The dynamic text and images generates a wow factor and allows us to personalise the welcome to the event that is taking place inside,” says Phil Mead, Managing Director Arenas, NEC Group.

Product & Technology Focus
In this section we focus on a current product or technology.

ActiveSite is a cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) system that enables remote monitoring, management, and maintenance of Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting installations.

ActiveSite integrates connected luminaires, digital lighting controls, and sophisticated lighting management software. Connected luminaires share data about their status and operations with ActiveSite lighting management software running in the cloud.

System users can remotely monitor, manage, and maintain each connected luminaire from anywhere in the world, at any time.

More information about ActiveSite can be found here 

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