Today we look back at a couple of great projects at a mixed use development and a new headquarters building. We also look at PureStyle high performance luminaires in our Product & Technology Focus

Media City (2012)
Media City is a 200 acre site in Manchester that provides a mix of workplace, retail, residential and leisure activities, and its principal tenants are the BBC, ITV and a number of media companies.

Studio Fractal were commissioned to create the lighting master plan for the site, and Architainment were asked to provide architectural lighting for a number of areas including the footbridge, outdoor public realm, residential areas, studio block and three BBC buildings.

The footbridge is a significant architectural feature that leads to the site, and 60 Philips Color Kinetics iColorGraze Powercore (now ColorGraze QLX Powercore) fixtures have been installed to illuminate the underside with dynamic RGB light.

40 strings of iColor Flex SL (now iColor Flex LMX gen2) have been installed in the public realm communal area, and a further 43 strings have been used to illuminate the façade of the residential development.

Architainment also supplied 224 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 units, and these have been used to illuminate three of the BBC buildings on site.

One Angel Square (2013)
One Angel Square is an iconic 16 storey building in Manchester, and was built for the Cooperative Group to accommodate its 3,500 head office employees. A prime objective for the building was for it to be a sustainable workplace, and it achieved the highest ever new build BREEAM score of 95.16%.

Consultants Buro Happold were tasked with sourcing architectural lighting that could be used to highlight and enhance some key features of the building, and specified LED luminaires from Philips Color Kinetics

Architainment supplied ColorGraze QLX Powercore, ColorBlast Powercore, and custom white ColorBlast fixtures to enhance the overall building with both white and coloured light.

ColorGraze QLX Powercore fixtures are mounted on the upper floors and illuminate the stunning atrium roof, whilst the ColorBlast and custom white ColorBlasts are used in break out areas across the building.

To maximise the use of natural light and minimise power consumption, daylight sensors trigger the fixtures to only emit as much light as necessary.

Product & Technology Focus
In this section we focus on a current product or technology.


PureStyle high-performance LED luminaires produce vibrant tuneable white and intelligent colour light, in a clean compact linear form factor.

They combine high output and professional grade colour mixing with the proven efficiency of Powercore technology, and are perfect for cove, wall washing, backlighting and other indoor applications.

More information on PureStyle luminaires can be found at the following links.

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