In part 8 we look back at illuminating an iconic building from the entertainment sector, and a major lighting feature in Heathrow’s newest terminal. We also look at the new eW Blast Powercore gen 4 FTA.

Eventim Apollo (2014)
Previously know as the Hammersmith Apollo, the Eventim Apollo in London is one of the UK’s best know entertainment venues. Designed in 1932 by Robert Cromie, the building is part of England’s cultural history and is recognised by English Heritage as a Building of Special Architectural or Historic interest.

When a project to renovate the building started in 2013, a decision was made to upgrade the existing external luminaires with high performance LED fixtures that would also meet English Heritage’s requirements.

Lighting designer James Morse was asked to design the new lighting scheme, and worked with Foster Wilson architects to create a solution that would not only illuminate the Apollo’s signature Art Deco façade, but also make a strong visual statement.

Architainment Lighting was invited to be part of the project, and supplied a number of Philips Color Kinetics fixtures due to their high light output and Powercore technology.

ColorBurst Compact Powercore, ColorBlast Powercore (now ColorBlast Powercore gen4)  and ColorReach Compact Powercore were sited along the façade, and saturate the columns and upper part of the building with a spectrum of colours.

Powercore technology enables a single cable to carry both power and control signals, simplifying the installation process and negating the need to provide local power supplies for fixtures. This minimised any modifications required to the building, and ensured that the installation met English Heritage’s regulations.

Heathrow Terminal 2 (2014)
Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 was one of the largest construction projects in the UK, and sets a new benchmark in quality of environment for passengers.

Lighting design practices Hoare Lea and Studio Fractal were appointed to create lighting solutions for the terminal, with a brief to incorporate a number of elements. These included the optimum use of natural light, and energy efficient lighting that would help the airport achieve its sustainability targets. The lighting was also required to enhance the customer experience.

A notable feature of the lighting design is the fabric membrane suspended from the terminal ceiling that changes colour. Covering more than 40,000m2, it is backlit by more than 1700 Philips Color Kinetics ColorGraze QLX Powercore fixtures supplied and commissioned by Architainment.

The membrane is intelligently linked to the outside world, and when the daylight falls below a set level, it ripples with waves of soft colour.

To aid with product selection and to see the effects of the design before the actual installation, Architainment provided a number of mock-ups on and off site.

Architainment also supplied cove lighting, accent lighting and emergency lighting for the terminal. The accent and cove lighting in the security lounge, check in, and boarding areas uses Philips Color Kinetics eColor Cove EC Powecore and eW Cove EC Powercore luminaires. The emergency lighting is delivered by more than 600 Philips StyliD luminaires that have been mounted on columns across the terminal.

In addition to the lighting mock-ups and product supply, Architainment provided a range of technical services including CAD schematics and schedules, programming and commissioning, and client training.

Product & Technology Focus
In this section we focus on a current product or technology.

eW Blast Powercore gen4 FTA

eW Blast Powercore gen4, Forward Throw Asymmetric (FTA) high-performance LED luminaires provide uniform lighting across large surfaces. They deliver a uniformity ratio of less than 4:1 on a 6m wall with a 1m setback, and are designed to adapt to their surroundings regardless of the wall height, setback or spacing of an installation.

eW Blast Powercore gen4 FTA offers a range of accessories that allow for customization, along with the efficiency and cost effectiveness of Powercore technology.

More information about the eW Blast Powercore gen4 FTA can be found here