Welcome to part 4, where we look back at projects we’ve completed for a London landmark and a top department store. We also take a look at the ColorBlast gen4.

County Hall (2009)
County Hall on London’s South Bank is an imposing building with Edwardian Baroque architecture, and designated a world heritage site. Once the headquarters of the Greater London Authority, it is now home to a number of tourist attractions and a hotel.

County Hall’s property management agent, Metropolitan Estates, were keen to use RGB lighting to highlight its architecture, and asked Architainment to provide a solution

Architainment specified Philips Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore LED floodlights to illuminate the impressive façade, since they deliver light output of over 5000 lumens and can project light up to 500 feet.

Sixteen ColorReach Powercore fixtures have been sited at intervals between the columns of the crescent shaped entrance, and illuminate County Hall’s façade to its full height with intense, uniform, colour changing light.

Since the ColorReach Powercore fixtures are digitally controllable, light shows and colour changing effects now can be easily initiated at the push of a button, without the need for coloured gels and filters.

This new level of flexibility means that the building can be easily branded with company colours or specific themes for corporate clients or private events.

Shows and effects for the lighting are stored and triggered by a Philips Color Kinetics iPlayer3 lighting controller

House of Fraser (2009)
RGB LED lighting from Philips Color Kinetics now illuminates the façade of one of the nations favourite department stores.

When House of Fraser on London’s Oxford Street wanted to brand their flagship building with light, they contacted Philips Lighting about suitable companies to work with. Architainment Lighting was recommended due to our expertise and knowledge of illuminating buildings with RGB lighting.

After conducting a site survey and carrying out an on site mock up, Architainment specified and supplied ColorReach Powercore fixtures.

ColorReach Powercore RGB high-performance LED fixtures are premium exterior long-throw colour changing luminaires that are ideal for lighting tall buildings. ColorReach Powercore offers a range of accessories that allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing, along with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Powercore technology in a rugged die-cast aluminium housing.

The ColorReach’s have been positioned at intervals along the building façade and wash the six-storey building with a pink hue.

A Pharos LPC1 controller has also been provided, and can be used to trigger a number of colour changing scenes or solid colours for special events.

Product and Technology Focus
In this section, we focus on a current product or technology.

ColorBlast Powercore gen4
The latest generation of best-in-class flood lighting raises quality and performance even further.

ColorBlast Powercore set the standard for flood lighting by delivering high-quality light and uncompromising performance with exceptional reliability. Now ColorBlast Powercore gen4 boosts output and flexibility to meet the most demanding white and colour lighting applications. Get higher output, greater efficacy, precise colour, remote monitoring, and more — all in a compact, reliable flood that’s easy to customize and install.

The Blast Powercore gen4 family consists of:

ColorBlast IntelliHue Powercore gen4
ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGBA 
ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGBW 
ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGB