In part 3 of the series, we look back at projects for a major shopping centre and a unique bridge. We also look at a Philips Color Kinetics technology that significantly improves colour consistency.

The Bullring (2008)
The Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham is one of the UK’s busiest retail destinations, and home to a number of main retailers.

With a large portfolio of lighting on site, a decision was made to move to a more energy efficient lighting solution that would also improve the retail experience for customers.

Architainment supplied Philips Color Kinetics RGB iColor Cove (current equivalent iColorCove QLX Powercore), ColorBlast and eW Cove Powercore (current equivalent eW Cove QLX Powercore), which were installed by Weblight and Mitie.

The existing cold cathode lighting system on site was replaced with eW Cove Powercore fixtures, which have been designed specifically for interior coves, and deliver a high quality white light. They illuminate the areas surrounding the main escalators and lifts, as well as numerous decorative areas in the ceiling voids of the main mall areas. ColorBlast fixtures have been sited near to major retailers, and RGB iColor Cove QL have been installed along the walkways of the main concourse.

With LED lighting installed, the energy required to illuminate the centre has been reduced by a massive 85%. This equates to an annual saving of £34000.

Not only does the new LED lighting save impressive amounts of energy and costs, but it also provides an opportunity to be used for creative lighting displays.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge (2008)
The award winning Gateshead Millennium Bridge is now illuminated by a state of the art LED lighting solution supplied by Architainment.

When Gateshead Council decided that the time had come to update the existing lighting for the bridge, they asked Stage Electrics to provide a suitable LED solution.

Craig Grieveson of Stage Electrics searched for an architectural floodlight solution that was powerful enough to illuminate the bridge and after careful research specified the Philips Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore.

ColorReach Powercore high performance LED fixtures are premium exterior long-throw dynamic colour changing luminaires for lighting tall buildings, bridges and iconic structures.

Eight ColorReach’s have been installed around the bridge, and using a variety of beam angles, deliver a range of beautiful effects from sunset to 1am. These run via a DMX controller using astronomically triggered timelines.

Bridge personnel can manually control the system for special events or to set specific colours, by using one of the two remote touch screens that have also been provided.

Whilst the previous floodlights operate at 700w, the ColorReach Powercore luminaires use only 290w – a 41% reduction in energy consumption.

Craig Grieveson comments; “when Gateshead council decided that the time had arrived to update the existing lighting system it was an ideal opportunity to put forward Philips ColorReach. It’s the first LED architectural floodlight which is powerful enough to illuminate large-scale structures having more lumen output than any other comparable fixture for exterior illumination.”

Product or Technology Focus

In this section, we focus on a current product or technology.

Chromasync – Advanced Colour Consistency for Dynamic Colour LED Lighting

Colour consistency refers to the average amount of variation in chromacity among a batch of light sources. In human terms it refers to the amount of perceived variation in colour in lighting of any variety.

Lighting applications today demand consistency of colour, and the larger and more complex the installation, the more critical the issue of colour consistency becomes.

Chromasync is an advanced algorithm that delivers improved colour consistency from luminaire to luminaire, by adjusting the node’s colour point. With Chromasync enabled, colours are more consistent, regardless of the specific LEDs used, date of manufacture, and other manufacturing variables. Chromasync allows Philips Color Kinetics luminaires to achieve high colour precision. Luminaires within the IntelliHue family achieve colour variation of less than 2 MacAdam ellipses (2 SDCM) across multiple luminaires. Chromasync brings new consistency to RGB, RGBW, RGBA, and IntelliHue luminaires.

Learn more about Chromasync by downloading the brochure here.