RISE is the new, outdoor directional lighting system from EcoSense that is both scalable and configurable for a wide range of exterior applications.

RISE is the only floodlight range in the market with a 5-degree Laser Spot beam angle, making it an ideal choice for delivering precise illumination whilst minimising light waste. The 5 degree Laser Spot is immensely powerful, and delivers an intense Centre Beam Candle Power that is twice the market average.

Key to the scalability and flexibility of the RISE platform is its patented bracketry system, which provides a number of benefits for lighting specifiers.

* Multiple RISE luminaires can be sited at one installation point to deliver double or quadruple the lumen power.

* Multiple RISE luminaires can be sited in one location but aimed in different directions.

* Individual luminaires on one RISE fixture can be configured with different lumen packages, CCTs and beam angles.

Mark Reynoso, CEO of EcoSense Lighting comments “Our main goal in developing RISE was to introduce the smallest, most powerful outdoor directional lighting system that removes many of the limitations of traditional floodlight brands. Further, RISE integrates seamlessly with TROV, expanding opportunities for specifiers to create beautiful lighting applications ”

RISE F080 is an ultra compact, exterior rated LED luminaire delivering 300 to 745 lumens in a variety of beam angles. RISE F080 is ideal for spot, accent, landscape and floodlight applications.

RISE F170 is a powerful and compact exterior rated LED luminaire delivering 1200 to 2900 lumens. With the most extensive collection of beam angles, this luminaire can be used for spit, accent, landscape and floodlighting applications.

RISE F380 is a unique configuration that groups four RISE F080 single fixtures and one F170 single fixture, allowing you to illuminate the most challenging applications.

Further information about products in the RISE range can be found by clicking the following links.