After its successful debut in 2015, Lewes Light returned between 10th and 16th October, and Architainment lent its support to some of the lighting designers tasked with illuminating installations around the town.

The Nulty+ team and Karen van Creveld collaborated to bring to life, six iconic sites within Lewes’ historical landscape, all located inside the Southover quadrant.

Ellie Coombs – Director of Nulty+ comments “Architainment once again volunteered their unwavering support and expertise for this endeavor, and supplied and commissioned the lighting solutions for our installations at Convent Field and Trinity Church.

This year’s theme focused on the lesser known Darker Side of Town Life which afforded us the opportunity to respond to specific details of bygone times, providing a solid conceptual base for our lighting interventions. Working closely with local historians we explored a number of imaginative interpretations of historical events and sites, making the lighting installations both relevant and creatively challenging.

Our installation on the Convent Field set out to recognise of the significance of earlier topography to the history of Lewes. This sprawling field was once the medieval site of a navigable tidal watercourse that connected with the River Ouse, and beyond that, the English Channel. The tidal watercourse has long since been drained and is now the home of the local football club. We designed an installation comprising seven contemporary four-metre high mast structures with translucent fabric sails positioned on the field. We illuminated this “flotilla” with icy blue coloured light, symbolising the presence of ancient ships sailing under moonlight.

Trinity Church and its iconic windows were backlit with six Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore gen4 RGB fixtures. These provided gently changing coloured light to bring out the details of the intricate stained glass, enabling a renewed visibility and appreciation not usually seen externally. This elegant, contemporary light treatment was offset by the more traditional uplighting to the row of trees and façade, highlighting the rhythm of the architecture and setting.”



Eleni Shiarlis undertook lighting up Trinity St Johns Church, and comments ” The main reason for selecting this building was its beautiful brick work, flint walls and symmetry. I wanted to wash the front façade of the Church with colour whist picking out the buttresses in a powerful narrow warm white light.

For the façade lighting, I used 8 x Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore gen4 RGB fixtures, programmed to a variety of colours that transitioned between red and blue over a ten minute cycle.”

The new family of ColorBlast Powercore gen4 luminaires have greater efficiency, increased light output and improved colour consistency, allowing them to Illuminate the façade of over 20m.

Festival Director Graham Festenstein comments “ The lighting installations around Lewes are a significant feature of the festival, and I am grateful to Architainment for their support with equipment and personnel. I would also like to thank Paul Vallis, Hector Machado and Paul Hill for their direct input into the event, which was invaluable.”

For further information about the above installations or luminaires used, please contact [email protected] or call 01494 471 340.

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Images courtesy of James McCauley.