After a £4m refurbishment, Sailmakers Shopping Centre in Ipswich has opened with a new look linked to the nautical heritage of the area, and a host of new retail partners.

In addition to specifying clean, simple and energy efficient lighting across the centre, lighting design consultancy Nulty+ have used a dynamic feature wall to create an element of drama next to the main escalator.

Using the Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 solution supplied by Architainment, the wall runs a variety of effects, including a wave like ripple to tie in with the nautical theme.

icolorflex_lmx_gen2_clearflat_black-1iColor Flex LMX gen2 is part the Flex family, and produces full colour, daylight visible light output of up to 11 candela. It features dynamic integration of power, communication and control, and is IP66 rated for outdoor applications. The individually addressable nodes and flexible form factor allows both two and three-dimensional configurations, enabling the creation of large-scale signage and building covering video displays.

Other members of the Flex family include iColorFlex MX for colour applications, with eW Flex Micro and eW Flex Compact providing solutions for white light applications.

A Pharos TPC (Touch Panel Controller) supplied and commissioned by Architainment, enables the centre operators to display a variety of effects on the wall, including specific colours for special events.

tpc-finalThe award winning Pharos TPC is an elegant lighting controller and part of a suite of control solutions from Pharos Architectural Controls. Available in a range of different coloured bezels and overlays, it has a customisable, 4.3″ capacitive touch screen, 512 channels of eDMX output and vast interfacing potential, all over a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network connection.

The commissioning support provided on this project is just one part of a range of technical services available from Architainment. Other services include site surveys, mock-ups, CAD drawings, custom fixtures, lighting control solutions, and training. Once a project is complete, a variety of maintenance and support services are also available to ensure continuous, trouble free operation.

If you would like any further information about Philips Color Kinetics, Pharos or our range of technical services and support, please contact us on 01494 471 340 or email [email protected]

Image credit – James French