VarioLED Flex Venus, available from Architainment Lighting has been chosen as the Lighting Designers’ Favourite Exterior Architectural Lighting Product at the darc awards on September 24th 2015.

VarioLED Flex VENUS is a high quality, opal encapsulated, IP67/IP68 protected flexible LED design light line. It is above all the astonishing uniformity of the light in combination with a small cross section and a high degree of flexibility that characterizes the VENUS and makes it an appealing and innovative product.

In principle, a semi-finished product in terms of design, and yet it is without doubt a finished luminaire. It is precisely this characteristic that accounts for its fascination.
It is available in two versions with different bending characteristics.

The Top View (TV) is vertically bendable and comes with a cross section of 16 mm x 15 mm. The Side View (SV) is horizontally bendable and comes with a cross section of 10 mm x 20.5 mm. Depending on the version it can be delivered in lengths of multiples of 62.5 mm or 125 mm and with a maximum length of 7,540 mm.

In short, a flexible neon tube with outstanding touch, look, feel and technical lighting properties. Products of the VENUS family provides a lamp life time up to 53,000 hours, glare and dot free LED illumination and a colour rendering (CRI) of 85.

The product comes in various color temperatures of 2,400 K, 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 3,500 K, 4,000 K, 5,000 K, red, yellow, blue, green and RGB as well as IQ White.

VENUS can be used for manifold in- and outdoor applications, from furniture design to façade illumination. Easy installation and high durability in harsh conditions (e. g. resistant to salt water, UV and solvents) are further outstanding product benefits. With low energy consumption levels the luminaire also scores high in eco-friendliness.

VENUS – a LED Linear lighting solution merging design and function.