Our talented Technical Services team continue to be busy preparing lighting solutions for our clients.

One particular project has been to prepare a large quantity of light fittings using LED Linear Flex Hydra LD25 W840F tape. The fittings will provide cove lighting at a top 20 UK shopping centre, and will replace the existing fluorescent tube fittings.

About Flex Hydra LD25
Flex Hydra LD25 W840F LED tape is part of the Flex Hydra White range from LED Linear and is a flexible LED strip available in reels of 3 metres. It has a beam angle of 120 degrees, a colour temperature of 4000k and provides 121 lumens per Watt.

Flex Hydra LD25 can be mounted into a variety of profiles and can be used with various optics to suit the application. This project is using the VarioContour 003 with round clear covers.

Building The Fittings
To build the required amount of light fittings, the team used a whopping two hundred and twenty five reels of LED Linear VarioLED Flex Hydra LD25 W840F tape.

A total of four hundred and eight fittings were made. Three hundred and twelve were 1.8m, eighty-five were 1m, and eleven were 0.5m. That’s six hundred and fifty two metres of light!

The stages involved in producing the fittings were as follows:

Stage 1 – Cutting the VarioContour 3 profiles to specific lengths

Stage 2 – Cutting the LED Linear tape to length and fitting it into the profiles

Stage 3 – Connecting the power cables

Stage 4 – Fitting the lenses & end caps

Stage 5 – Testing each completed fitting

Once all the fittings were completed, they were despatched to the contractor for fitting on site.

The Flex Hydra LD25 fittings will benefit the shopping centre in numerous ways:

• They have a lifetime of > 37,000 hours.
• They are more energy efficient, so running costs will be significantly reduced.
• They provide a consistent, high quality light output over many years.
• They require zero maintenance and save on maintenance costs.