Architainment Provides Lighting Control for New Flagship Car Showroom

A flagship car showroom for a major car brand is opening in West London this summer, and Architainment Technical Services have been working on the lighting control equipment.

The 41,000 square foot site has four levels – lower ground, ground, first floor and second floor. The top floor has a glass façade that will showcase vehicles to the tens of thousands of people who drive past every day, and features dynamic coloured lighting to create various lighting effects and shows.

The lighting control solution caters for the site’s general lighting for the office, workshop and car deck areas, as well as the dynamic RGB lighting for the showroom areas. It also controls the custom track fittings that have been developed by a major lighting manufacturer especially for this project.

The main elements of the solution are the front end user control, and the outlying lighting control panels.

Intelligent Lighting Control

The lighting control system is managed by a dedicated computer that runs Envision Manager – the Philips Dynalite Management System. This means that once it is programmed and commissioned, it can operate autonomously without any user intervention. The system is synchronised to an atomic time signal, and turns lights on and off depending on the day of the week. There are pre programmed schedules for illuminating the site when the cleaners are on site, normal operating hours and when the site is closed to the public.

Dynet Lighting Control Protocol 

To facilitate site wide communication between the User Control PC and the lighting panels, the Dynet lighting control protocol is used, and data is communicated via a dedicated IT infrastructure. This distributed intelligence approach, means that there is no single point of failure, and therefore highly resilient.

Lighting Control Panels

There are total of six lighting control panels and each contains the following:

  • A network gateway that allows communication over a dedicated IT infrastructure
  • Appropriate load controllers for each floor of the building
  • Philips Dynalite controllers
  • DALI control for the white light fittings
  • Trailing edge dimming for meeting rooms
  • Relay packs

The above component parts are all DIN rail mounted and fitted into IP67 electrical boxes. All incoming and outgoing cabling is connected via terminals at the base of each panel. This allows easy connection for the electrical installer to make the necessary power connections. Each box also features ‘local engineer’ data and power sockets that allow laptop connectivity for programming and commissioning.

Pharos Lighting Control for Dynamic Lighting

The control box for the second floor gallery also contains a Pharos LPC lighting controller. This provides control for the light shows that will be coordinated by the marketing team for events such as new product launches. The control box also houses a DMX splitter and a Power Over Ethernet (POE) data switch.

Once the lighting solution for the site has been installed, Architainment will work with the site personnel to commission and handover the intelligence behind the various types of lighting on this prestigious car showroom site.

The lighting control solution will be at the heart of ensuring that the lighting in different parts of the site run to schedule.


  • This is a complex lighting solution for a multi level, prestige car showroom
  • A distributed intelligence approach was used to minimise total system failure
  • The Dynalite Envision Manager was used to provide user control and scheduling
  • The DyNet protocol was implemented over an IT infrastructure exclusively for the lighting
  • Trailing edge dimming was used
  • DALI control was used
  • Pharos was used to control the dynamic lighting

*DMX is a lighting industry protocol for digital communication networks.

*DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a lighting protocol.