Our Technical Services team provides a range of technical services for our clients.

This month they have been working on the custom build of LED Linear RGB LD15 fittings.

Preparing LED tape for site

Before starting, the technical team needed to know what length each light fitting needed to be. This information was in the technical drawings supplied by the lighting designer. Based on this information, the fittings varied in length from 600mm to 2000mm.

The first stage of preparation involved cutting the LED tape to length, which is a relatively straightforward process.

The next stage was to cut the profile for the  LED tape to the exact length. This was done using our own in house cut saw.

For some applications, the tape can simply be placed in its location without any profile. On this project, the tape needed to be fitted into a VarioContour 003 profile. This profile acts as a heat sink, and makes sure that any heat generated is distributed properly.

Once the tape was fixed into the VarioContour 003 profile, a specific length of power cable was connected to the fitting. This allowed the fittings to accept power from the LED drivers.

The final stage was to connect each completed fitting to a driver, and to test that each unit was fully functional.

Steve Lunn is Architainment’s Mechanical & Electrical Engineer. He comments “our pre build service and testing makes sure that the LED fittings work properly on site . It also saves the electrical contractor valuable time on site. The installation contractor can simply install the units on site with the knowledge that they will work correctly”.

More than one hundred units of LED tape will be required for this major shopping centre project in West London.

About LED Linear VarioLED Flex RGB

The VarioLED Flex RGB LD15 is a surface or profile mounted LED strip. It is available in standard or IP rated forms with 120 degree beam angle.

Flex RGB LD15 can produce colour accents for a wide variety of applications, and produces 672 lumens/meter.