Architainment create tidal clock tower at Herne Bay

Clock Tower Lighting Adjusts With The Tide

Architainment are pleased to have been involved in another first in architectural lighting. The Herne Bay Clock Tower in Kent is the world’s oldest known freestanding clock tower in the world, and after 178 years of being on the seafront, needed restoration. In addition to adding new dynamic LED colour lighting that would create a spectacle of the iconic structure, the client also wanted the clock tower lighting at the top section of the tower to change colour according to the pattern of the tide. Cropped GrassMedia Web Design DSC_0060 copy 2

Architainment’s technical services were tasked with the challenge of delivering this unusual request, and using a database of tidal information for the next 15 years, programmed the Pharos controller to change the colour of the lights according to the tide. At low tide, the top section of the tower is illuminated in red, changing through the orange and yellow hues of the rainbow until it gets to green at low tide. From green at low tide, it then moves through the blue and violet spectrum until reaching back to red for high tide again.

Nic Tolkien, Managing Director of Architainment comments “we have a heritage of being able to deliver highly technical projects and we’re very pleased to have been involved in the project to transform the clock tower into such a visually appealing structure” Click here to view further information about the Herne Bay Clock Tower lighting project