PIA-15EcoSense Lighting, a fast-growing manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting technologies, announced today that it has received a record six(6) Product Innovation Awards (PIA) from Architectural SSL Magazine.

EcoSense Lighting swept the cove/grazing category with five recognitions for these industry-leading products:  Slim Cove INT™, EcoSpec® Linear INT, EcoSpec® Linear HP INT, EcoSpec® Linear INT High CRI 90+ and EcoSpec® Linear INT Warm Cove luminaires. A sixth award honored the EcoSpec® Linear Dimming Control Module – Plenum Rated for best controls technology.

  Architectural SSL PIA awards program recognizes the latest product developments in the LED lighting industry. Winning products are selected from hundreds of new products released during the previous 12 months.

About EcoSense Lighting

EcoSense linear LED fixtures are high performing fixtures that are high respected by lighting designers for their design, quality, power, flexibility, and control options. EcoSpec Linear Dimming Control Module (LDCM) receives a 0-10V dimming signal and a fixed line voltage input and converts it to an ELV    dimmed output. One LDCM can be used per run up to the maximum wattage.

Mark Reynoso, CEO of EcoSense Lighting says “It is an honor to be acknowledged for our luminaires and new dimming technology. We are passionate about designing unique and progressive products that are at the forefront of the lighting industry.”