IT’S A BOY… Architainment Lighting Ltd was called in last minute to reprogram the lighting at some of London’s most famous landmarks to illustrate to the world the gender of the Royal Baby.

Whilst the world was eagerly anticipating the birth of the Royal Baby, Architainment’s Technical Services team sprang into action.  Busy, dashing all over London reprogramming the lighting control systems at The Golden Jubilee Footbridge, Waterloo Bridge and The Marble Arch with both pink and blue variants to allow for the announcement to be celebrated across the capital  – it’s just another ‘day in the office’ for Architainment’s technicians and just another service that Architainment offer through its specialised technical department.

Nic Tolkien, Managing Director at Architainment Lighting commented:

“Our association with a project doesn’t end when it’s handed over to the client.  We’re finding that more and more clients that choose a controllable dynamic solution from Architainment also retain our services to reprogram that system for that special occasion, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or in this case, the birth of the future King; we are always happy to work with clients to give them exactly what they want out of a project.” 

The Golden Jubilee Footbridge and Waterloo Bridge which were permanently lit with Philips Color Kinetics colour changing fixtures, supplied by Architainment, in 2012 to celebrate The Olympics are controlled by Pharos lighting playback controllers and with just a small bit of reprogramming, by the techy guys, can be transformed to illustrate a vast spectrum of colours specific to the occasion.  The London Eye and County Hall waterfront, all of which was originally lit by Architainment with Philips Color Kinetics fixtures and controlled by Pharos controllers (not reprogrammed by Architainment on this occasion) were also illuminated; the London Eye displaying the patriotic red, white and blue to mark the historic day.