15 years ago two young lighting visionaries named George Mueller and Ihor Lys sat in a small Boston office and came up with a little LED brand named Color Kinetics. It went on to revolutionise the lighting industry and for ten of those 15 years, we’ve been supplying it on projects nationwide.


Color Kinetics – A review

Here we take a look back at our first Color Kinetics installation almost a decade ago:

In 2003, Architainment Lighting completed its very first installation using Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting. Collaborating with Arup and Lighting Technology Projects (LTP), Architainment Lighting worked to create ‘Moonscape’, an installation running along Plantation Lane, between Mincing Lane and Rood Lane, near London Liverpool Street and the city’s financial quarter.Moonscape is fundamentally a large rectangular light box comprising a thick glass front with ColorBlast 12 fittings positioned behind it, running along both the top and bottom of the screen. It spans the length of Plantation Lane, creating an intimate feel for workers from Plantation Place, who use the walkway daily. A photograph of the moon has been printed on the glass, and the silhouette of the moon’s surface is then illuminated in reds, greens, blues and purples by the ColorBlast 12 fittings tucked beneath the glass.