Following discussions between Philips Professional Lighting Account Manager, Mike Mills, and Max Fordham Consulting Engineers designer, Roy Woolcott, and an on-site mock up, it was decided that the Brighton clock tower should be illuminated with a recessed Philips LEDFlood fixture.

Clock Tower Lighting Solution

A Philips LEDFlood fixture fitted with amber, blue and white LEDs, was chosen as this would best complement the pink granite and limestone of the local landmark.  Although also available in mono-colour or bi-colour versions, the tri-colour amber, white and blue (AWB) option selected for this project allows the colour temperature of the basic white output to be warmed or cooled by either adding extra amber or blue light, giving the client fine control over the presentation of the feature.  The levels of each colour were generated by an iPlayer 3 controller, the easy to use DMX playback unit specified by Architainment, which also gives the council the capability to play subtle dynamic effects over the clock tower during special events.

Commenting further on the project Architainment Lighting Key Account Manager, Rob Anderson, said:

“In addition to the wide range of different whites the AWB fixtures can produce, the medium beam option proved most suitable for this installation as the beam could be precisely aimed, ensuring less light spill than is common with many LED in-ground fixtures.  The council were also looking for an environmentally aware, low maintenance solution, and with consumption of less than 36W and a thermal management system which ensures long lifetime of 50,000 hours, the recessed Philips LEDFlood was the perfect fit.”

The clock tower was also complimented with Underwater LED and Beamer LED fittings from Philips Lighting. The Beamer LEDs have been attached to the clock tower’s surrounding buildings, focusing a very tight beam directly onto the top of the tower.  The project, funded by the council’s Local Transport Plan budget, did not require planning permission as the works were considered to be highway works and no physical alterations were made to the Clock Tower.

Also involved in the clock tower renovation project, known locally as North Street Quadrant Pocket Park, were highways service provider, Colas, and contractors Edburton Contractors Ltd and Stonewest. Commenting on the Brighton and Hove City Council Project Manager, Owen McElroy, said:

“I am very pleased with the result which is an asset to the urban realm, it was the product of imaginative focus and teamwork throughout.”