Architainment are pleased to have supplied the clock house lighting fixtures for the historic Clock House in Newbury, West Berkshire, as part of a makeover initiated and funded by West Berkshire Council.

The Council approached Architainment Lighting just over a year ago with the vision to illuminate the town’s historical landmark on the Broadway, which lies at the northern end of the town’s busy shopping street.  In lighting the 80-year-old structure, the council wanted atmospheric Clock House lighting which would be subtle white or amber most of the time, but with the possibility of changing to more vibrant hues on special occasions.

Clock House Lighting Solution

Aiming to achieve the council’s vision for the Clock House lighting , Architainment specified Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore  for the clock face and interior flood, and the iW Blast Powercore for the illumination of exterior columns. The ColorBlast Powercore fixture combines rich, saturated, wall-washing colour and colour-changing effects and can tilt 110°, which allows versatile light positioning for outdoor or indoor installations.  In addition, it uses Powercore technology to directly accept line voltage which eliminates the need for external power supplies. The ColorBlast® Powercore can achieve a 75% reduction in operation and maintenance costs, so financially it was a particularly attractive option for West Berkshire Council. In addition to the benefits of reduced relamping costs, the fittings can apply colour treatment at the touch of a button, requiring no coloured filters to change the look of the building to a different colour.

A narrow beam ColorBlast fixture was used on the clock face in order to establish a more concentrated light, and avoid any light pollution. For the interior flood however, a medium beam was used, bathing the surface in an evenly distributed light. All fittings were installed by C T Electrical (Newbury) Ltd with assistance from West Berkshire Council and Architainment Lighting.

In order to light the external columns Architainment specified the iW Blast Powercore. Also using the Powercore® technology, this fitting is a white-light LED fixture with colour temperatures ranging from a warm 2,700 K to a cool 6,500 K. This range made it easy for Architainment to tune to a colour temperature that perfectly complemented the stone of the columns. An iPlayer 3 with an internal astronomical time clock controls all of the fittings, allowing the creation of colours and moods for special times of year such Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Commenting on the installation Architainment’s Key Account Manager, Rob Anderson, said:

“I am really pleased with the end result of this Clock House lighting project. It is so striking and the hexagonal shape of the Clock House body lends itself well to the creation of eye catching visual effects.”