Pink LED strings 

Architainment Lighting Ltd is pleased to announce its involvement with Pink, the award winning singer/songwriter, in her new Funhouse Summer Carnival tour.

After working with production manager Richard Young and lighting designer Andi Watson on the lighting requirements for the two previous Radiohead tours, Architainment was pleased to advise Young on lighting requirements for the video screen surrounds in Pink’s first Arena tour, providing him with the ever versatile  iColor Flex SLX LED string from Philips Color Kinetics.

So when show designer Baz Halpin, together with Young, were designing the set for Pink’s Funhouse Summer Carnival tour and wanted to create an overhead stage mesh lighting canopy, they once again turned to Architainment to provide them with a quality solution.

This time Architainment suggested the new high brightness, tri-colour iColor Flex LMX LED string, again produced by Philips Color Kinetics. Samples were presented to Halpin and Young, who were immediately taken by the product and had it built into a portable, adaptable canopy by Birmingham firm Specialz. To control this Architainment suggested the HippoCritter Digital Media Server from Green Hippo to supply video directly to the Flex. This was a perfect match as Green Hippo had recently implemented the Philips Color Kinetics proprietary, KiNet Ethernet protocol into their servers.

Richard Young commented on the project:

“After using the Flex iColor SLX LED string solution on the Arena tour, it was natural for us to turn to Architainment as we very confident that with their extensive knowledge of the industry, they would recommend the most appropriate solution for  Pink’s Carnival tour. The Flex LMX is a truly adaptable and reliable product which added a further dramatic effect to Pink’s amazing theatrical stage show. We were extremely happy with all of the expert advice provided by Architainment’s very experienced specialist technical staff.”